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Olde English Babydoll Southdown Lambs for 2018



White Babydoll Lambs: 

Ewe Lambs $800 each 
Ram Lambs $600 each 

Coloured Babydoll Lambs: 

Ewe Lambs $1000 each 
Ram Lambs $800 each 

Spotted Babydoll Lambs

Ewe Lambs $1,200 each
Ram Lambs $1,200 each



Reserving Lambs


Please let us know if you are interested in reserving babydoll lambs. You can let us know your preference in colour, however it is NOT guaranteed. We require you to specify how many and what gender lamb you would like, and then put a $200 deposit down for each lamb. If your lamb gender of choice is not available, you will be offered choice of any remaining lambs.

Deposits will be refunded ONLY if we are unable to fulfill gender of choice.

Reservation requests cannot be guaranteed and are NOT considered until a deposit is received.





Neutered ram lambs (wethers) are: available only if the lamb will not make a quality breeder. 
(any ram lamb can be neutered, though ram lamb price would apply) 




*These are based on the standard prices for babydolls in Canada. 

-Includes registration, tail banding, de-worming, vaccination, and ear tag.






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