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About Leo

Leo's Little Lambs farm is named after our livestock guardian dog. Leo is a beautiful Maremma, his breed is known for their loyal guardianship of all living creatures that they bond with. He is our flocks protector and takes his "job" very seriously because he truly loves his sheep. Leo is part of our family and is dearly loved by all that meet him. 

In winter of 2015 we were excited to add a new member to Leo's Little Lambs farm, a female Kuvasz named Kallee.  We are planning to breed Leo and Kallee for summer of 2016 litter.

Welcome to Leo's Little Lambs


We are a small farm located in Kamloops B.C. Canada nestled in between the scenic mountain ranges and the North Thompson River. Our farm is dedicated to the Olde English Babydoll breed.


At Leo's Little Lambs we ensure that the health and care of this rare breed of sheep is the number one priority. Our goal is to produce and raise robust, healthy and happy lambs. We as breeders believe providing optimal nutrition, clean, chemical-free and disease-free enviroment help ensure that this breed will continue to thrive and grow for future generations.

We do all that we can as breeders to produce wonderful well-natured, loving pets, grounds keepers and beautiful wool producers. Plus who can resist that charming wooly teddy bear face and smile !! 


Why Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown Sheep?


Once in contact with these peaceful little creatures you will understand why. Once comfortable in their surroundings they are very friendly, affectionate and sure to give you that Babydoll smile. They are a very peaceful yet hardy breed.

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